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Never Stop Growing Slogan
Page: https://www.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//about-hrw/leadership/executive-board/
Date: 04.03.2024, 03:58Clock

Executive Board

The current Executive Board includes Prof. Dr.-Ing. Susanne Staude (2nd from right) as President, Chancellor Dr. Jörn Hohenhaus (centre), Prof. Dr. Oliver Koch (right), Vice President for Research and Transfer, Prof. Dr. Susanne Winter (2nd from left), Vice President for Studies and Teaching, and Prof. Dr. Arne Eimuth (left), Vice President for University Development and Management.

President: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Susanne Staude

"Together with my colleagues on the Executive Board, I would like to further develop the university and build on its existing strengths. In the coming years, we want to continue to follow our vision of being a university of opportunities - with innovative teaching methods, interdisciplinary study programme concepts, service-oriented processes, creative colleagues and qualified graduates who can be proud of their achievements and who are in demand in companies. In this way, the HRW can make a contribution to the future viability of the western Ruhr region".


"As a young university, the HRW has a special opportunity to use its diverse potential and to implement future-oriented perspectives in teaching and research in accordance with its vision. The staff of the service department contribute to the achievement of the goals of the university and the departments with consistent service orientation, process-oriented action and self-confidence. Continuous personnel and organisational development create and maintain competence in a changing world of work".

Vice President Research and Transfer: Prof Dr Oliver Koch

‘Research activities are a way for our university to document its innovative power and its commitment to the future of this region and beyond. By linking the university to employers, schools and other regional institutions, we make sure that both our degree programmes and our research are based on regional needs. Integrating students in research projects as part of research-oriented teaching programmes makes them valuable employees for industry.’

Vizepräsidentin für Studium und Lehre: Prof. Dr. Susanne Winter

"A university lives from the many creative ideas and the power of implementation of many different actors. My goal is to jointly shape the further development of studies and teaching at the HRW. It will be particularly exciting to effectively combine the advantages of the digitalisation of teaching with the benefits of our established face-to-face formats. Corona has also taught us how essential scientific understanding is. Through a strong connection between science and teaching, we can make an important contribution to this at the HRW."

Vizepräsident für Hochschulentwicklung und ‐steuerung: Prof. Dr. Arne Eimuth

The continuous questioning of teaching concepts, the courage to try out new things and our infrastructure enable us to go innovative ways. Together with all HRW members, I would like to further strengthen this environment and promote future-oriented learning and teaching in an evidence-based and structured way. My goal is to develop the appropriate strategies and create the necessary processes to enable all students and teachers to prepare adequately for their future jobs.