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Page: http://en.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//about-hrw/leadership/executive-board/
Date: 25.09.2018, 03:59Clock

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the President, the Head of Administration and Services, and two Vice Presidents. The President is the university’s chief executive officer and serves a six-year term.

President: Prof Dr-Ing Gudrun Stockmanns

‘My goal is to establish Ruhr West as the most modern university in the region and for the region. This university explicitly serves the people living here. It creates equal opportunities for students, enabling all of them to fulfil their individual potential. The only way for us to accomplish this goal on a long-term basis is by providing excellence in teaching based on innovative teaching methods. After all, our graduates must be able to live up to employers’ high expectations with respect to quality. To reach this goal, we will further intensify our connections and interactions with industry partners.’

Head of Administration and Services: Helmut Köstermenke

‘In the future, Ruhr West will concentrate even more on the core issue of quality in teaching and students’ overall academic experience. To do so, we must work on topics such as quality management systems, diversity management, sustainability and staff development, and we must get everybody to work in concert. I see my work situated at the intersection of academics and services, and I see my actions as supporting the core issue of academic quality and service orientation as the basis for making Ruhr West a modern university for the future.’

Vice President Teaching: Prof Dr-Ing Susanne Staude

‘What I would like to see at Ruhr West is a culture in which excellent teaching is the top priority for all instructors. To achieve this, it is my important responsibility to support our teaching staff with training opportunities in university-level teaching. Ruhr West has many young professors. This is an opportunity for us to introduce and implement new teaching methods. I want to create incentives for teachers to try something new. My goal is to create degree programmes that work based on modern teaching methods, enabling students to enjoy their studies and complete them successfully. Another key goal of my work is to make our STEM programmes more appealing to young women.’

Vice President Research and Transfer: Prof Dr Oliver Koch

‘Research activities are a way for our university to document its innovative power and its commitment to the future of this region and beyond. By linking the university to employers, schools and other regional institutions, we make sure that both our degree programmes and our research are based on regional needs. Integrating students in research projects as part of research-oriented teaching programmes makes them valuable employees for industry.’