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Page: http://en.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//about-hrw/news/news/
Date: 21.06.2018, 22:06Clock

Office for Circular Value Chains

21. April 2017

HRW and the city of NRW receive up to 4.5 million euros.

21 April 2017: The North Rhine-Westphalia State Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to award a €4.5 million grant to promote the creation of a Competence Centre for Circular Value Chains in Bottrop, Minister Garrelt Duin said during a visit at the Ruhr West campus in Bottrop.

The envisaged Competence Centre for Circular Value Chains in Bottrop will work to achieve an increase in the usability, quality and performance of materials and energies (resource effectiveness) in industry and society above and beyond efforts to raise energy and material efficiency in industrial and commercial value chains (resource efficiency). The focus will be on innovative business and operation models and the associated innovative processing and information technologies that can be used to increase the productivity of the region’s businesses. Furthermore, the Ministry plans to establish a training centre for medium-sized companies (“Prosperkolleg”). The idea is to build relevant technical expertise inside the companies by providing information, training, networks and assistance with implementing the new models in cooperation with partners of the Competence Centre.