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Page: http://en.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//nc/about-hrw/news/news/
Date: 16.12.2018, 09:43Clock

Mobility concepts: Preliminary studies and work for autonomous micro vehicles

14. February 2018

Prof Dr Katja Rösler receives start-up funding.

Mülheim an der Ruhr, 14-02-2018: Practice-oriented research is a strong strategic pillar at Ruhr West. To help ideas turn into projects that can successfully apply for further external funding, Ruhr West runs an internal research grant programme. Four projects are funded by Ruhr West itself; a fifth project is funded by the Ruhr West Association of Friends.

This year's top rating was given to the proposal 'Mobility concepts: Preliminary studies and work for autonomous micro vehicles', submitted by Prof Dr Katja Rösler at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering. The Ruhr West Association of Friends provides a total of 18,000 euros to support this research project.

The starting point for Rösler's twelve-month project is the growing importance of self-driving, interconnected and electrically driven micro vehicles. The main goal of the start-up grant is to enable Rösler and her team to conduct preliminary studies on the development of micro vehicles. These autonomous and battery-powered vehicles are designed to provide individual mobility to elderly people and people with disabilities.

The research project explores issues concerning the rising volume of mobility, rising environmental awareness and demographic change. These issues not only present major challenges to society, they also offer the opportunity to develop new mobility concepts. As far as self-driving micro vehicles are concerned, the main tasks are to optimize construction, to solve problems in the electric drive including energy storage, and to ensure crash stability.