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Page: https://www.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//about-hrw/news/news/
Date: 06.05.2021, 17:49Clock

HRW awards DAAD scholarships to international students

06. July 2020 News

Mülheim an der Ruhr / Bottrop, 30 June 2020: Fellow Bougang studies „Business Information Sys-tems“ in Bottrop and fellow Ouni studies „Technical Operations Management“ in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Derrick Bougang, 24, is from Cameroon. In the winter semester 2016/17 he started the degree pro-gramme Business Information Systems at HRW. After some initial difficulties and challenges to stu-dy computer science in German, he is now in the last phase of his studies. During his practical semes-ter he worked for Pflegix GmbH in Bochum. Pflegix.de is a platform on which individual services andcaring help from the neighbourhood can be booked. During this time, the idea of a bachelor thesis was born, which now deals with the digital transformation in organizational culture. In order to be able to successfully complete his studies with a bachelor thesis, Bougang will receive a scholarship of 1,500 euros from the German Academic Exchange Service. „I am very pleased to recei-ve this scholarship. It is a reward for having mastered the challenges of this study programme“, ex-plains Derrick Bougang. „Although I attended the necessary German courses before my studies, I had to study a subject with a lot of technical terms - this is then a higher level, which initially slowed me down in my learning.“ The Scholarship is right on target at this point. Bougang had to take time off from his studies to do a part-time job, which he lost during the Corona pandemic. Together with PhD student Alexandra Lissa (Civil Engineering) they would like to build a network of African students at HRW.

The International Office at HRW was able to award a second scholarship – to Youssef Ouni. Ouni came from Tunisia in May 2017 for his Master's degree and is completing a Master's degree in Techni-cal Operations Management at HRW. Ouni currently works on his master's thesis at a Reutlingen-ba-sed company active in the field of medical technology. It is about „Design, construction and develop-ment of a patient transport shuttle for radiotherapy (BNCT) up to the construction of a prototype“. Af-ter graduation, Ouni would like to work as an engineer in the technical field to gain practical experi-ence and deepen his knowledge.

Both students received a scholarship of 1,500 euros each. It was awarded on the basis of good acade-mic performance, a maximum of 60 missing credits and the presentation of medium-term career plans.

In the 2020 summer semester, 925 students of foreign nationality are enrolled at HRW, around one third of whom also have a foreign university entrance qualification. In the late summer, at least two new scholarships will be announced for the winter semester 2020/2021.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a scholarship and support programme (STI-BET), which is funded by the Federal Foreign Office. There are a number of funding opportunities for international students, such as the scholarship for graduating students. This helps international studentsto successfully complete the often challenging final phase of their studies.