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Never Stop Growing Slogan
Page: https://www.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//about-hrw/news/news/
Date: 04.08.2022, 13:17Clock

New marketing campaign #neverstopgrowing launches

27. April 2021 News

Hochschule Ruhr West promotes the study locations Bottrop and Mülheim an der Ruhr

Bottrop / Mülheim an der Ruhr, 27 April 2021: Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences is a special university. An advertising and image campaign makes clear what distinguishes it from the numerous other universities in the region. Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences (HRW) wants to inspire prospective students to study at the two campuses belonging to the HRW in Bottrop and Mülheim an der Ruhr. Students who consciously decide in favour of the attractive education and science location HRW.

This campaign, which will be launched at the beginning of May, reflects the comprehensive positioning process in which the HRW has spent the past twelve months answering the question of what distinguishes it from other universities and makes it attractive to its future students. It is the promise that at the Hochschule Ruhr West everyone who wants to study with ambition, passion and enthusiasm will find the space and all-round support to develop and tap their potential. That is why the motto of the HRW, which is making this public for the first time with the campaign, is also "Never stop growing!" It is both a promise to offer the conditions for this and an invitation to grow beyond oneself. As a university of applied sciences, it makes this offer to all young people - women as well as men and regardless of their social, cultural or ethnic background. The HRW gives people from non-academic households or with a migration background the chance to play a creative, valuable and accepted role in our society.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Susanne Staude, President of the HRW, is always thrilled to see what great achievements and developments young people are capable of if you believe in them and support them properly. That is why she promises that "the HRW wants to live up more and more to the claim of being a biotope of learning and personal development for its students as well as staff members".

The campaign motto "Never stop growing!" also takes into account the founding mission of the
young university to promote structural change in the Ruhr region. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, not least with excellently trained graduates who are optimally prepared for the challenges of the economy of the future. With a practice-oriented education and the and the ability to set the tone in interdisciplinary, intercultural international teams. This also explains why the HRW and its Department of University Marketing and Communication decided to use an English-language campaign motto. For Frank-Rafael Boullón, Head of the Department of Marketing and Communication at the HRW, English "also stands here for modernity, Industry 4.0 and the language of international cooperation in agile projects and intercultural teams".

The upcoming image campaign of the HRW relies on the use of social media in addition to large surfaces and so-called city light posters. The posts are intended to encourage the young target group to visit the campaign website at www.never-stop-growing.de and find out more about the opportunities, requirements and attractiveness of studying at the HRW.

The message 'To grow beyond yourself with a degree' is creatively linked with young students of the HRW, who are staged in the context of the visionary projects they would like to work on now or in the future. In any case, these are visions that can be measured by their benefit to society. For example, when it comes to promoting climate change, preventing traffic accidents or making life easier for people with handicaps.

In the campaign, we authentically experience only students who have volunteered to show their face for their university. They stand for what the HRW also stands for - for diversity, equal opportunities and innovation. These students exemplify the students of the entire university, even if they describe their very individual motivation and personal background to study at the HRW in video clips on the campaign website.