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Date: 04.12.2021, 09:05Clock

Successful student conference

29. January 2021 News

Business students from Germany and England presented their work results

Coventry / Mülheim an der Ruhr, 21 January 2021: The "COIL Project" in the Strategic Management module presented students of the Business Administration Master's degree programmes with new challenges. In order to give them the experience of an international Master's degree even during the Corona pandemic, teachers from Hochschule Ruhr West and Coventry University, UK, initiated the project.

Prof. Dr. Isabel Lausberg (HRW) and Sathees Kunjuthamby (Coventry University) gave a lot of scope for the joint project work, which also involved a lot of responsibility. First, groups were formed and each had the task of analysing a company with at least one strategic analysis tool in relation to the current COVID19 pandemic. The results were presented in the conference "Strategic Management in turbulent times". A conference that was also to be prepared by students. The groups were to apply for the different organisational tasks with pitches, so that it became clear which groups were best suited for which tasks.

The big challenge was intercultural cooperation at a distance with students from a different language university. Not only because of Corona, but also because of the physical distance, it was not possible to meet in person. "We had to rely on virtual communication and that also presented us with many a challenge: poor network connections, time difference, language barriers and many tasks were difficult to coordinate. Teamwork seemed almost impossible at times," explains student Melanie Wins. No reasons to give up! Because precisely what was so challenging was at the same time what was most motivating and fun: the cooperation across national and language borders.

An exchange of different experiences and different views made this project an impressive learning experience. Through a lot of time invested, a successful conference could finally take place, starting with the keynote speakers and ending with round table discussions. Special mention should be made of the professional presentations by all students, which helped to make the conference very informative.

The students would like to thank the lecturers for their good impulses and timely feedback. Together, the students were able to facilitate an interesting and exciting collaboration with a great result.

Information on the programme and the contents of the conferenc