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Date: 29.09.2020, 06:32Clock


04. February 2020 News

Excellent innovative teaching

Karlsruhe / Mülheim an der Ruhr, January 30, 2020:
The Innovation Award for Digital Education "delina" in the category "University" goes to Prof. Dr. Klaus Giebermann in 2020.

Giebermann, Professor of Mathematics at the Hochschule Ruhr West, is copying himself: A classic teaching interview, i.e. individual supervision, is one of the best methods of imparting and consolidating knowledge. However, this approach fails with larger groups and is not feasible with today's usual lecture groups of several hundred students in the form of one-to-one supervision. With the help of the presented system this gap is closed. A personalised chatbot, quasi as a digital copy of the teacher, conducts weekly conversations with individual students (in the form of a chat). The chatbot allows the core statements of the previous lecture to be explained. It is important that the chatbot does not answer questions, but only asks questions and responds to the answers of the users.

An example

The chatbot asks for the topics of the 7th week of lectures.
Answer of the user: With the coordinate system.
Chatbot: What defines a vector in the viewing room?
User: Length and direction, target points.

"This format stimulates students to exchange information about the lecture with other students and to follow up on the lecture. In order to ensure the sustainable use of the system, it is part of the preliminary examination," explains Prof. Dr. Klaus Giebermann. The project presented, which was supported by the State of NRW via a Fellowship for Innovations in Digital University Teaching, was implemented at the Institute for Natural Sciences at the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences for around 200 students in the fields of mechanical engineering and industrial engineering and mechanical engineering.

"The chatbot helps me to train the use of the necessary skills, to consolidate the understanding of the theory behind the arithmetical tasks and to repeat learned content", says Angelika Boldys from the degree course in Industrial Engineering and Management Mechanical Engineering.

The Innovation Prize for Digital Education delina was awarded on 29 January 2020 at LEARNTEC, Europe's leading trade fair for digital education, in four categories: early childhood education and school, university, training and further education, and society and lifelong learning.

The award was given to concepts and projects that combine innovative future technologies and media with everyday learning. The delina is awarded in close cooperation with Bitkom and with support from time4you GmbH and p-didakt GmbH. Each submitted project was reviewed by a jury of 21 experts from the field of digital education.