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Page: https://www.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//news/datensaetze-presse/2016/university-integration-programme-for-refugees-launched-successfully/
Date: 04.12.2021, 09:05Clock

University integration programme for refugees launched successfully

The city of Mühlheim and Ruhr West University of Applied Science work together to give refugees an opportunity to pursue a university education. On 1 April 2016, they launched a special University Integration Project for Refugees, or Studienintegrationsprojekt für Flüchtlinge (SIP), which is designed to meet the particular needs of its participants. The programme currently enrols 16 individuals from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Armenia. A second group is expected to be accepted in September.

The University Integration Project is a programme designed for refugees who have good prospects of being allowed to stay in Germany, who hold a university entrance diploma but lack the required language skills. The programme aims to give participants the prospect of being able to enter university in the foreseeable future. To that end, they will receive one year of intensive academic preparation to be able to start their studies at Ruhr West in the second year.

‘I am very happy that we are able to give refugees an opportunity to take control of their own future. In collaboration with the city of Mühlheim, and in the shortest amount of time, we have created an attractive and unparalleled university integration programme’, Ruhr West President Gudrun Stockmanns said during a meeting with journalists. The University Integration Programme has two parts. The first part consists of a preparatory year featuring intensive German language instruction accompanied by an academic preparation programme.

In the second semester of the preparatory year, participants can experience the German higher education system by attending selected courses in their anticipated degree programme to find out whether their chosen subject matches their expectations.