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Never Stop Growing Slogan
Page: https://www.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//research/
Date: 04.03.2024, 01:35Clock


Research at Ruhr West is focused on the the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business administration. Research projects are based at one of the university’s seven institutes but frequently involve the resources and expertise of multiple institutes. Moreover, the university’s matrix-assisted faculty structure facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers. All research and teaching at Ruhr West has a strong emphasis on practice and application. Key features of Ruhr West research include:


  • Applied research and development
  • Combination of research and teaching
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers
  • Knowledge transfer primarily to the region and the local community
  • Practical implementation of research outcomes with local companies
  • Links to many research partners in Germany and abroad
  • Awarding of doctoral degrees in cooperation with research universities
  • National and international research projects


External research funding

Research and development activities at Ruhr West have increased steadily in recent years. So has the amount of external funding that Ruhr West researchers have been able to attract, primarily from corporate but also from public sources. Much of that funding goes to the Bottrop campus with its Institute of Computer Science and Institute of Energy Systems and Energy Management. In the years ahead, the university hopes to triple the amount of corporate research funding and to get companies to set up shop close to the Ruhr West campuses.


Internal research funding

Furthermore, to support Ruhr West researchers with their research ideas, the university has a limited amount of internal funding available for preparing and implementing research projects. The main purpose of internal research funding is to get projects started, to support the university’s scientific staff and to promote scientific exchanges.


Support for young researchers

Ruhr West is committed to supporting young researchers in the early stages of their career. One key instrument to do so is the possibility to help graduates with a master’s or equivalent degree earn a Ph.D. in collaboration with a research university in Germany or abroad. Such collaborative doctoral projects are currently underway at all four Ruhr West faculties, and a few have already been completed. To support doctoral students, Ruhr West currently works with ten partner universities, four of which are based abroad.