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Page: https://www.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//research/research-and-transfer/
Date: 04.03.2024, 02:39Clock

Research and transfer

Applied research and development is a key feature at Ruhr West. Insights from the university’s applied research projects are used in the classroom to ensure a hands-on learning experience.

Researchers at Ruhr West’s seven institutes often collaborate with colleagues from other institutes. Moreover, the university’s innovative matrix-assisted faculty structure facilitates interdisciplinary cooperation.

One important goal of all research and development activities at Ruhr West is knowledge transfer, first and foremost to the region and the local environments of Mülheim a.d. Ruhr and Bottrop. Implementing research findings in practice in collaboration with local businesses is a top priority. In addition to its industry collaborations, Ruhr West also has connections to many scientific partners. The research projects themselves are integrated into national and international consortia.

Services for businesses

Are you thinking of cooperating with a research institution or looking for a suitable research laboratory to support the development activities at your company? Ruhr West offers the following forms of cooperation:

  • Bachelor’s and master’s theses
  • Contract research
  • Research collaborations
  • Development projects

The Office of Research & Transfer will be happy to assist you with finding solutions and support for your business and will put you in touch with suitable contacts at the university. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Services for researchers

The Office of Research & Transfer is there to coordinate the research activities at Ruhr West, providing scientists with advice and information about research opportunities. Moreover, support is available to help researchers budget and implement externally funded research projects.

Furthermore, the office is responsible for supporting junior scientists, utilising and marketing research outcomes, and transferring knowledge to stakeholders in the business community, society and the general public.

When it comes to inventions and patents, as well as the professional handling of innovations coming out of the university, Ruhr West is supported by PROvendis, the major organisation for patent protection and commercialisation in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.