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Page: https://www.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//research/research-in-faculties/institute-of-measuring-and-sensor-technology/
Date: 30.09.2023, 09:51Clock

Institute of Measuring and Sensor Technology

The Institute of Measuring and Sensor Technology operates research and teaching laboratories in the area of measuring and automation technology. As part of industry collaborations, these facilities are being expanded on an ongoing basis, providing a modern platform for industry-university cooperation.

  • Laboratory of electronics and measuring technology
  • Laboratory of high frequency technology
  • Laboratory of optical measuring technology
  • Laboratory of medical technology
  • Laboratory of robotics, mechatronics and vehicle electronics
  • Laboratory of automation technology
  • Laboratory of control and feedback control systems
  • Laboratory of image processing

Students, academic staff and professors use the labs for teaching and research purposes to introduce bachelor’s and master’s students to workplace-relevant topics.

Teaching and research usually come together in applied projects in the field of corporate research and development. The industry’s high need for external scientific services to solve complex technical and scientific problems is met by the interdisciplinary competences of our institute members and the institute’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Institute research is in the area of applied measuring and automation technology as part of research projects funded from public or industry sources. Most junior scientists are working on their doctoral degrees in cooperation with various technical universities.

One research concentration is on non-contact measuring techniques and material characterisation using optical, electromagnetic or acoustic fields or radiation. These techniques allow for measuring thermal, electromagnetic or geometric values. They are also applied in medical measuring to determine physiological indices.

Another concentration is on devising models and processes in automation technology, which are then used as a basis for developing methods and procedures for designing and operating various automation functions. There are examples from system identification, model-supported measuring and controlling, surveillance and error diagnostics.

Prof. Dr. Carole Leguy
Prodekanin Fachbereich 4 | Institutsleiterin Mess- und Sensortechnik

Institut Mess- und Sensortechnik
Duisburger Str. 100, 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Building 02

Phone: +49 208 88254-492

Carole.Leguy hs-ruhrwest "«@&.de