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Never Stop Growing Slogan
Page: https://www.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//start-of-the-application-phase-for-the-girls-academy-oberhausen/
Date: 30.09.2023, 04:29Clock

start of the application phase for the Girls' Academy Oberhausen

Unique opportunity for girls to immerse themselves in the exciting world of STEM professions

What does a mechanical engineer actually do? What does an apprenticeship as a geomatics engineer look like? What do other girls from Oberhausen actually do who also don't yet know what to do after school? These and many other questions will be answered at the Girls' Academy. From the fall vacation to the summer vacation, 20 girls will have the chance to explore the many possibilities of the STEM professional world.

The Girls' Academy is a joint project of the Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Oberhausen, the zdi Center Oberhausen and the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences. The goal is to show young women a diverse and exciting perspective for the future by providing practical insights into the male-dominated STEM professional world.

"STEM" stands for science, technology, engineering and math. Many Oberhausen companies are desperately looking for skilled workers in this field. For this reason, EVO, GMVA, EGLV, WBO, SBO and the city of Oberhausen have decided to actively support the Girls' Academy.

Within a short school year, starting with the fall vacations, 20 girls from grades eight to thirteen can take part in workshops in companies, experience STEM topics in practice in the zdi school laboratory LAB4U, become aware of their personal strengths and interests, and exchange information in regular meetings. The project coordinator also supports the girls in their search for internships, in writing applications, and in finding suitable jobs for career exploration.