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Page: http://en.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//study/degree-programmes/bachelor/business-information-systems/
Date: 05.06.2020, 01:25Clock

Business Information Systems

Wir gestalten die IT Prozesse in der Wirtschaft"


In a business world driven by information technology, it is necessary that managers and analysts understand how IT interacts with business strategies, organisations and customers. This is where specialists in business information systems are key: with their background in both business and IT, they plan, develop, implement, enhance and cost-effectively administer their organisation’s information and communication systems. 

Business information systems is an interdisciplinary field of study. Its core components are information technology and business, but disciplines such as law, sociology and statistics are also relevant. To succeed in a challenging professional environment, students need to have a solid understanding of mathematics, science and information technology, but they also need to know about leadership styles, project management strategies and business law. The undergraduate programme in Business information systems at Ruhr West is housed in the Institute of Computer Science, resulting in a focus is on information technology.

Focus on information technology

In their first semesters, students take core courses in computer science and database design, software engineering and programming, IT project and service management, and network and data integrity. In addition, they gain insights into general business administration but also finance, law, production, logistics and marketing. Moreover, they acquire key skills for their careers, including rhetorical, presentation, leadership or human resources management skills. After graduation, they are in an ideal position for careers as IT project managers or IT service managers, software developers and business process developers.

You can find more detailed information here (in German)


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