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Page: http://en.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//study/degree-programmes/bachelor/civil-engineering/
Date: 05.06.2020, 00:55Clock

Civil Engineering

Developing facilities for a sustainable environment

Civil engineers apply the principles of natural sciences in order to plan, construct and maintain different kinds of facilities such as buildings, bridges, traffic routes or water supply systems. Understanding the site conditions in connection with the function of the proposed facility, the civil engineer makes technical and economic decisions to, preserve natural resources and protect our environment. 

Students, enrolled in the undergraduate programme in Civil Engineering at Ruhr West, take courses in mathematics, basic sciences (mechanics, materials, and physics), engineering design in various disciplines, and principles in project management. They learn how to plan and erect buildings above the ground level and structures for industrial purposes, using materials such as concrete, steel and wood. Some courses come along with exercises in state-of-the-art equipped laboratories, others involve practice-oriented case studies and foster social skills.

Building redevelopment and sustainable construction

Due to a special emphasis on building preservation, energy-efficient construction and quality management, you will be prepared to meet society’s rising expectations with regard to the environmental performance and sustainability of buildings. The interdisciplinary nature of civil engineering education at Ruhr West will put you in an excellent position for a career in some of the industry’s newly emerging fields, such as building redevelopment and sustainable construction.

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