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Page: https://www.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//study/degree-programmes/bachelor/frauenstudiengang-maschinenbau/
Date: 30.11.2023, 05:24Clock

All-Female Programme in Mechanical Engineering


Who said women can’t be engineers? The all-female undergraduate programme in mechanical engineering at Ruhr West provides a unique, unprejudiced environment for women to enter this exciting profession and its endless possibilities. For example, mechanical engineers develop implants in medical technology, build large-scale technical facilities, or translate phenomena from the natural world into technological solutions (bionics). In large-scale projects, they may be involved in studying resource-efficient procedures in environmental technology, or they may help develop alternative energy systems in Africa. Whatever it is that mechanical engineers invent, develop, create or construct – most of it serves to improve people’s lives.

At Ruhr West, the term ‘all-female’ means that you spend the first four semesters of this programme studying exclusively among women and then enter the mixed-gender programme beginning in the fifth semester. In other words, the Bachelor of Science degree is the same for everybody. But choosing the all-female pathway allows you to begin your studies in small groups in a relaxed, collaborative atmosphere where questions are more than welcome. The programme has an emphasis on hands-on learning, involving internships, project work, excursions and industry partnerships. This means you will work in small creative teams to develop solutions for interesting, real-world questions.

The curriculum is based on what all mechanical engineers need to know. It covers the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, engineering mathematics and materials science. If you’re interested in math and science questions and have a basic understanding of technical processes, the all-female programme in mechanical engineering may just be the right fit for you. It will equip you with all the necessary know-how to pursue a successful career as a mechanical engineer. You may want to work in product development and design or in project and quality management. Or you may become a materials specialist or laboratory manager. You may also pursue a career in research or teaching, for instance as a vocational school teacher. The employment opportunities for mechanical engineers are extremely diverse, and our all-female programme gives you the best possible preparation.

You can find more detailed information here (in German)


International Office

Duisburger Straße 100, 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Phone: +49 208 882 54 -204 /-205
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Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Alexandra Vivien Dorschu
Studiengangsleiterin Frauenstudiengang Maschinenbau | Lehrgebiet: Mathematik, Mechanik & Naturwissenschaftsdidaktik

Institut Maschinenbau
Duisburger Str. 100, 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Building 04

Phone: +49 208 88254-448
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