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Page: http://en.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//study/degree-programmes/bachelor/human-machine-interaction/
Date: 05.06.2020, 01:41Clock

Human-Machine Interaction


Today’s computers have come a long way from being large grey boxes. With the advent of tablets, smartphones and organisers featuring touchscreens and a wide range of multimedia functionalities, user experience has become almost as crucial for the success of a technical product as its price and durability. The young, interdisciplinary field of human-machine interaction explores the communication between humans and computers and looks for ways to improve usability.

How do humans and machines communicate? What makes computers, websites or car navigation systems easy and fun to use? And what are the general criteria that define good, intuitive usability in the first place? If you like thinking about these questions, a degree in human-machine interaction might be for you, because this is exactly what this emerging field is all about. It combines aspects of computer science and design with findings from psychology, sociology and ergonomics. That’s because if we want to improve communication between humans and computers, we first need to understand human needs and interactions.

A combination of computer design, psychology and design

The undergraduate programme in Human-Machine Interaction at Ruhr West is rather unique in Germany. It gives students a strong foundation in applied computer science and programming, psychology (especially cognitive psychology and psychology of communication) and design (especially media, interface and interaction design). In later semesters, the curriculum includes topics such as computer graphics, web and multimedia technologies, voice and gesture-controlled devices, augmented reality, applied statistics (survey design) and the management of usability projects. Students also enhance their rhetorical, presentation and management skills, leaving Ruhr West well prepared for entering this growing and important career field.

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