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Page: http://en.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//study/degree-programmes/bachelor/international-business-and-emerging-markets/
Date: 01.04.2020, 22:45Clock

International Business and Emerging Markets


Combining a strong education in business administration with key skills for analysing emerging markets, this programme is for future business leaders with a global outlook. It is practice-oriented, interdisciplinary and international, featuring plenty of opportunities for students to go abroad and collect first-hand experiences in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The undergraduate programme in International Business and Emerging Markets at Ruhr West is more than a regular business degree. In addition to acquiring basic knowledge in the standard areas of business administration, students obtain key skills for acting successfully in the global arena. They become familiar with the economic geography, policies and legal frameworks of the emerging markets (most importantly the BRIC countries). They do market research and learn how to use international marketing tools. In addition to English, language training is offered in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, and students acquire intercultural communication skills to navigate the daily business of a multi-national corporation.

Spend one year in China

To collect first-hand international experience, students can spend one semester at a university in one of the emerging markets or go on a study trip. Those interested in China can even spend a full year there as part of the Bachelor Plus programme, which involves one semester of university study in Shanghai or Hangzhou and one semester of practical training at a Chinese company. Graduates of the International Business and Emerging Markets programme work as market researchers, market analysists, key account managers and international networking specialists.

You can find more detailed information here (in German)


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Prof. Dr. phil. Lijun Tang
Lehrgebiet: Interkulturelle Kommunikation und Länderanalyse & Studiengangsleitung Internationale Wirtschaft - Emerging Markets

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