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Page: http://en.hochschule-ruhr-west.de//study/degree-programmes/bachelor/international-retail-management-and-logistics/
Date: 05.06.2020, 01:36Clock

International Retail Management and Logistics


Retail and logistics are among the most important industries in the economy. In fact, they are the foundation of all economic activities, even in the age of digitisation and globalisation. Whether it’s selling food, shoes, books, electronic devices or bonds in international financial exchanges, it always takes smart people to make sure everything is well coordinated.

In the retail and logistics industry, there is a growing need for university-trained professionals with a practical orientation. That’s because retail companies are internationalising, business operations and logistical processes are becoming more complex, and information technology is used everywhere in the industry. These challenges require a diverse range of skills and the ability to quickly apply them in practice.

E-commerce, digital media and social networks

In the undergraduate programme in Retail Management and Logistics at Ruhr West, you will obtain a thorough grounding in the key areas that make up international retail, logistics and business management (project management, accounting, marketing). Building on these fundamentals, you will explore some of today’s hot issues such as supply chain management, e-commerce, digital media, social networks, RFID technologies, IT logistics and intercultural management. Moreover, you will acquire key skills for a successful career: rhetorical skills, presentation skills, leadership skills and, of course, foreign language skills.

You can find more detailed information here (in German)


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Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Ellen Roemer
Lehrgebiet: Marktforschung, Internationales Marketing | Studiengangsleitung: BWL - Internationales Handelsmanagement & Logistik

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